Diablo III – Necromancers, Patches & Season 10

The Necromancer is part of a content pack which includes the class, an in-game pet, cosmetic wings, two additional character slots, two additional stash tabs (on PC), a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and a banner sigil. It will launch alongside a free major content patch that includes two new zones, Challenge Rifts, and more. These additional features will be available for all players with Diablo III: Reaper of Souls or the Ultimate Evil Edition.

The launch of the Necromancer is currently aiming for the second half of 2017.

Patch 2.5.0 is Now Live

Patch 2.5.0 is now live for Diablo III, and adds some exciting new features to the game as well as quality of life updates. One of these new features is The Armoury, which will enable you to store up to five completed character builds on each character, and allow you to switch seamlessly between set items, skills, runes, and gems with a simple click of a button. You will also find a new tier of very rare Ancient items called Primal Ancients. These items will have players aiming for perfect sets of gear! Primal Ancients can drop from any source of Legendary item in the game, including Horadric Caches, Kadala, and Kanai’s Cube.

Season 10 is Just Around The Corner

Diablo III Season 10 begins on the 1st pf April.

Blizzard are introducing seasons to those who own the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game for the very first time as well. Fans who play Diablo III on PC, Xbox One, and the PS4 will be able to start Season 10 next week, and gain seasonal and cosmetic rewards, conquests, and a new Class Set when completing certain chapters in their seasonal journey.

Not familiar with Diablo III Seasons? It’s a fresh way to experience the game as though you were playing it for the first time—complete with rapid character levelling and gear upgrades. While a Season is active, players can create characters that are separate from their current non-Seasonal characters. If you’ve been itching to take a friend through the game for the first time, or simply want to experience the joy of playing the game with a clean slate, Seasons are the perfect way to do so.

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