E3 2017: #callingit

If you thought our E3 2017 predictions were likely to be spot on, then brace yourself from some Big Lil Rizky-inspired #callingit. Go down to the local TAB and put your house on these calls…

I made this prediction last year and as it turns out my crystal ball was faulty. However, this year I have the utmost faith that this prediction will come to fruition. After all, Bethesda have teased it previously. This year at E3, Bethesda will announce Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, the follow-up to 2014’s outstanding The New Order. Gamers have been hoping for a sequel ever since The New Order turned out to be a surprisingly fantastic amalgam of engaging narrative and brutal gameplay. Bethesda gave us a big hint that a sequel was in the works during their 2016 E3 presentation, this is the year they go the next step. Oh yeah, it’ll release in 2017 too.

Is everyone ready for a big BJ comeback?

I am willing to bet one of my copies of Dark Souls 3 on The Last of Us Part II having its release date (or at least a tighter release window) confirmed (figuratively of course, don’t you dare try to take my Dark Souls 3 away). I know no one really knows what The Last of Us is, but you never know, maybe a handful of people will like the second one?

  1. Microsoft drops something truly massive from the ceiling; larger than a car or even a boat. Yes, they go back to their roots and lower the original Xbox controller from the sky.
  2. Spyro remasters will be announced for release in like two years.
  3. Ubisoft delays the new South Park gameAgain.
  4. I waste precious sleeping time so I can be disappointed…in real-time!

I can imagine that the still waters surrounding The Last of Us Part II will see a ripple, with some big announcement to really remind fans that it’s coming, and that they need to be ready to cry all over again.

Scalebound revival! After rumours of Microsoft picking up the trademark for the cancelled IP i’m expecting some details to emerge of why they would do such a thing, and of plans to resurrect it. I’m not expecting gameplay or a release date, simply an indication that they are intending to revive the beleaguered title.

Microsoft will win E3 – I only say this because Microsoft have more to prove. The first thing they need to prove is that the Scorpio is a worthy purchase. You can bet Phil Spencer is going to use his charismatic words and connection to “the gamers” to win over the crowd with the Scorpio. We will get full specs, name, some surprising features, price and launch line-up. The second thing they need to prove is that they have a great line-up of exclusives. They need to show PlayStation and Nintendo fans that there is value in the Xbox library AND they need to show that the Scorpio is going to have a worthwhile line-up to generate value in the product.

Although I originally slotted this one under predictions, I’m so certain about it that it’s been promoted to the rank of #callingit. I’m talking about a reboot of Jade Empire. BioWare have been outspoken in saying that the IP is not dead, and is one they’ve wanted to revisit for some time. Apparently pre-production of Jade Empire 2 began at some point but from that was spawned Dragon Age and Mass Effect, however given the current climate with Xbox I believe the timing is perfect. Microsoft have been lambasted for their lack of exclusives, and rebooting a franchise whose first and only iteration was both an Xbox exclusive and 2005’s Game of the Year for many makes perfect sense. I’m not sure how much free time BioWare have on their hands, but if you throw enough cash at something then you can make time, and I’m sure MS are aware of that.

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