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Everything We’ve Learned About Days Gone In The Past Week

Sony shows off Days Gone ahead of E3

In a surprise move, Sony dropped footage of the first hour of gameplay from their upcoming open-world zombie game Days Gone over the weekend. The footage came courtesy of Game Informer, with Days Gone being their cover game for the month of June. The alpha gameplay build was played by the game’s director Jeff Ross, who was joined by Sony Bend creative director John Garvin. It gives players a good look at what they can expect when the game launches in early 2019. Furthermore, Game Informer also asked John Garvin 157 rapid-fire questions about the game, revealing a few juicy nuggets of information about the game. Beware, some minor spoilers ahead.

  • Players will come up against a cult known as the ‘Rippers’. The Rippers believe that the Freak (zombies) outbreak happened for a reason and as such worship them.
  • Missions can be completed in a number of ways.
  • Fast travel will be unlocked by burning Freaker nesting zones.
  • Freakers can eat each other.
  • Lead protagonist Deacon St. John is a good dude. Players will grow to love him; he’ll make you laugh and cry along the way. He’s also the only character you’ll control and he has pert nipples.
  • Players will be able to customise Deacon’s bike, but won’t be able to customise the man himself.
  • Completing the campaign will take around 30 hours.
  • The game will run at 30fps and checkerboard 4K.
  • There will be no difficulty settings.
  • Players can continue to explore after beating the game.
  • The final boss will be a human.
  • The game will feature dynamic weather.
  • In-game currency will be camp credits.
  • Players can ‘kind of’ choose allegiances to different camps.

What did you make of the first hour of Days Gone? Let us know in the comments below. Or if you haven’t seen the gameplay footage you can watch it below:

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