Firewatch Fan Ordered A Fake Book; Developer Made One and Sent It To Him

Campo Santo, the indie development team behind last year’s highly-successful, Firewatch, have done possibly one of the coolest things of all time for a fan of the game.

Posting on their blog, Campo Santo explained how Ryan, a big fan of the game, bought the Crime by the Numbers Notebooks pack (a collection of notebooks with covers from novels featured in the game)  the Campo Santo store. Inside the notebooks there is a fake order form, and the audacious Ryan decided to fill one out and send it to Campo Santo, requesting a copy of Love at First Site (the only person to do so), a book that doesn’t exist. So the cool cats at Campo Santo decided to make it for him. Yep, Ryan, the lucky bastard is the sole beneficiary of a once-off produced copy of Love at First Site and a letter from the book’s faux publisher, Red Panda Press.

Let’s see, Ryan Real-Last-Name-Withheld, would like one copy of Mo Marlowe’s Love at First Site and included $4.50 to exactly cover the costs plus shipping and handling. A few hours of illustration by Claire Hummel, a few more hours of design by Jake Rodkin and a little elbow grease in the form of creative writing by me, Sean Vanaman, and voilà, one copy of Love at First Site, ready for our friend Ryan.

Bizarrely, Campo Santo has not heard from Ryan since the book was dispatched. However, Ryan wherever you are:

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