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First Look At The CheckPoint Series Now Live

The trailer that has been highly anticipated since its successful Kickstarter campaign has finally arrived

You may remember us speaking about non-profit organisation CheckPoint previously, and we now have news that they have released their first full trailer for the upcoming CheckPoint web series.

For those unfamiliar with Checkpoint,  they are a non-profit organisation that connects mental health resources with video games. CheckPoint believes games can help recovery, and even be therapeutic. Their mission is to support the people who play and make games, and to use games for good. They do this by raising awareness of mental health issues, reducing stigma, and providing a safe peer-support community for gamers.

Their web series is set to begin on January 29th, and will tackle mental health issues using the power of video games. It will be available to watch on YouTube, Steam, and the CheckPoint website.

Spanning over two seasons, the web series will feature information regarding mental health issues, including interviews with games industry professional who have lived experience of them, and an exploration about the uses of video games for positive well-being and resilience.

The trailer displays some of the show’s structure, production values, animations and excerpts from interviews. The series features high profile games industry veterans, including Ken Levine, Creator of the Bioshock series (Ghost Story Games); Josh Scherr, Co-Writer of Uncharted 4 and Uncharted Lost Legacy (Naughty Dog); Teddy Diefenbach,  Creator of Hyper Light Drifter (Square Enix Montreal); Kelsey Gamble, Community Manager (Bethesda); Zer0Doxy, Content Creator, YouTube; Rae Johnston, Editor (Gizmodo) and TV Presenter (NITV) and Jess Hodgson, Community Manager; Ryan Roth, Games Audio Designer and Musician, and Matt Gilgenbach, Creator of Neverending Nightmares.

This trailer has been highly anticipated since its successful Kickstarter campaign in June 2017, and is proudly sponsored by Way Down Deep, with additional support by Hipster Whale, Mighty Games, Digital Fox, Well Placed Cactus, Gallagher Bassett, SuperBetter and Dinosaur Polo Club.

You can find out more about the CheckPoint organisation and its web series through its website, plus you can follow CheckPoint on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

So, what are we all thinking about this? Are you excited to see mental health issues being explored in this way? Let us know your thoughts on this web series in the comments.

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Tegan began gaming with her father when they would play Street Fighter together on her Nan’s PlayStation. Since then she has fallen in love with indie games, AAA games (I’m looking at you Tekken) and everything in between. Starting off as a console player, and more specifically an Xbox player, Tegan has now recently begun her new gaming ventures on PC. You can find her playing dating sims on Steam @carrotphernelia if you so wish.




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