Frogwares Reveals That Their Next Game Will Be Another Single-Player Detective Adventure

Frogwares Reveals That Their Next Game Will Be Another Single-Player Detective Adventure

A wise person once said “Stick to what you know”, and it’s a phrase that has been passed down through the generations and is still used today. Ukrainian outfit Frogwares has built themselves a reputation as a purveyor of investigation-based games over their 20-year career, largely thanks to its popular Sherlock Holmes series and last year’s Lovecraftian-inspired offering The Sinking City.

Recently we sat down with Frogwares to discuss everything from going independent, their games being delisted, to what is coming next from the studio. While they didn’t give us much, they did confirm that their next project will be a single-player detective adventure game (we’re all in shock) and will use the learnings from the development of The Sinking City as its foundation. Here is what Sergey Oganesyan, Frogwares’ Communications Manager had to say regarding what’s coming next:

While we can’t reveal a whole lot, what we are working on is going to be our biggest game to date. And it’s a game that matches our DNA – a story-rich single player detective adventure, but in a new perspective. It will be a game that uses a lot of knowledge from The Sinking City gameplay as a foundation with major improvements in key areas. 

There’s not much to go off but it sounds like it’s going to be what we’ve come to expect from Frogwares just on a bigger scale. The main question is will it be a new Sherlock Holmes game, an extension of The Sinking City or a new IP altogether? The part about it being a ‘new perspective’ could apply to all three options so it’s hard to garner what direction Frogwares has taken.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for an official announcement – I’m always up for more detective games.

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