Get Artistic With The Latest Elusive Target For Hitman 2

I’m sure Bob Ross wouldn’t be too happy with this, but..

IO Interactive and Warner Bros have just dropped the third Elusive Target mission in HITMAN 2, entitled The Appraiser. 

The latest mission will have you hunting down a pretty nasty lady by the name of Miranda Jamison, a famous art appraiser and key player in extensive price fixing that take place in the art world.

It would appear Miranda really doesn’t really give a flying fuck about destroying artists lives in the process, only making that blood money (see what I did there).

As of now, Jamison had recently hired a gang of thieves to steal a valuable painting from a former client, but upon discovering her involvement, the disgruntled owner has hired the ICA to step in and handle the situation, and you know what that means, time for our bald headed antihero to get to work.

Players have until February 3 to put Miranda six feet under, and if you haven’t played an Elusive Target mission before, well you get one and one shot only to pull it off. No restarts.

Happy hunting.

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