Get Even Competition Winners

Thanks to the fantastic folk at Bandai Namco Australia, we had 3 PS4 codes for Get Even to give away.

The competition has now concluded and the judges have deliberated and come to a decision. It wasn’t an easy decision, as there were a lot of worthy entries, but alas, there can only be three winners.

For those that missed the competition question, you can see it below:

The winner of the Get Even codes for PS4 are… (drumroll)

Victoria Klimansky

Score to settle: My closest friend slept with my mum. In order to get even, I would have to convert and sleep with his mum… asap.

Daniel Clark

Score to settle: Someone road raged me on the road for nothing. Probably put dog poo under their door handles of their car.

Martin Creemers

Score to settle: I need to settle a score with my younger brother who deleted my Final Fantasy 7 save from my memory card when I was 75% complete.

Congratulations! A Do You Even Game Bro? representative will be in contact shortly.

Thank you to everyone who entered. Check back for more competitions soon.