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Get Your Hands On Dragon Ball Super’s Broly Next Week In Dragon Ball FighterZ

The animators at Arc System Works get a crisp high five from me for this

Way back in January of this year, we got the announcement of the FighterZ Pass 2 for Arc System Works’ anime fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ. In that announcement was a tease of two characters from Dragon Ball Super: Broly in Gogeta (SSGSS) and the legendary Super Saiyan Broly. After the relatively good reception of the movie, a lot of people have been very excited to see the now-canon version of Broly make his way into Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Bandai Namco have just dropped a release date trailer and, oh boy – if this doesn’t get your Dragon Balls tingling, I don’t know what will. The trailer shows off some in-game combat between Broly and Vegeta, Goku, Golden Frieza and Gogeta (SSGSS). We also get a look at some of the dramatic finishes and crazy cinematic shots that, as one twitter user pointed out, stay amazingly true to scenes from the DBS:B movie.

Broly (DB Super) will be playable as part of the FighterZ Pass 2 on December 5, 2019.

Check out the entire trailer here and let us know who you would like to see in DBF if there is a FighterZ Pass 3.

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Written By Zachary Reardon

Zachary is a console gamer at heart, but is slowly coming over to the PC side. Rhythm games like Project Diva and Groove Coaster are his comfort food, but is happy to dive into any genre if it looks enticing enough. His favourite game of all time is Portal 2 despite his struggle with modern puzzle games. Twitter - @simply_daft PSN - SimplyDaft Twitch - Simply_Daft


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