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Golf Story Sequel, Sports Story, Announced As Switch Exclusive

A sports game we can all get around!

Starting off today’s Nintendo Indie World presentation was the announcement of the next game from Australian indie developer, Sidebar Games. Serving as a sequel to 2017’s highly popular Golf Story, Sports Story brings back the entertaining mix of an engaging arcade sports game along with the story and exploration of an RPG. The added bonus this time though is that it’s not just golf that you’ll play. Soccer, tennis, baseball and volleyball are all shown off in the trailer (sometimes even a combination of them), as Sports Story looks to give us another memorable experience.

Sports Story will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in mid-2020.

Check out the trailer below:

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Zachary is a console gamer at heart, but is slowly coming over to the PC side. Rhythm games like Project Diva and Groove Coaster are his comfort food, but is happy to dive into any genre if it looks enticing enough. His favourite game of all time is Portal 2 despite his struggle with modern puzzle games. Twitter - @simply_daft PSN - SimplyDaft Twitch - Simply_Daft




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