H1Z1 PS4 Closed Beta Sign Ups Now Open

H1Z1 PS4 Closed Beta Sign Ups Now Open

H1Z1 was an early adopter of the Battle Royale genre on the PC platform. It managed to nail an official release on March 1st this year, marking its exit from an extended early access period. However, Daybreak Games aren’t done with the game as they have just opened up closed beta sign ups for the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Don’t fret, however, because the game will enter open beta on May 22nd.

Daybreak Games are boasting a bunch of features for the PlayStation version of the game like:

  • Revamped control scheme
  • Hot swap looting
  • Radial Menus
  • Removal of the crafting system
  • A framerate of 60fps for the PlayStation 4 Pro

There are a bunch of other things that will be implemented that are standard to the Battle Royale genre like a diminishing safe area and supply drops.

While the game will be free-to-play, between now and May 22 (when the open beta launches) you can preorder a bundle which includes in-game cosmetics and a dynamic PS4 theme for $59.95 ($47.96 for PS+ subscribers).

If you would like to sign up for the closed beta, click here.

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