H1Z1 PS4 Details Coming Soon

H1Z1, the zombie apocalypse MMO game that is being developed by Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment), was first announced back in April 2014 as a PC first, PS4 later title. In February 2015 Sony sold the studio to Columbus Nova, who then renamed the studio Daybreak Games. Since then any details of the PS4 release have been non-existent.

But finally we have some news, well sort of (I’ll take anything at this stage). Chris Wynn, the new Executive Producer of H1Z1 has teased fans via Twitter that news on the PS4 port will be forthcoming soon:

As someone who jumped on the game during its early access launch (which it’s still in), I am keen to play the game in a more stable state.

Are you still keen for H1Z1? Or has it been too long that you have moved on to other games? Let us know in the comments.

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