Hearthstone – 11.2 Update Launches With Lots Of Goodies

The latest update for Hearthstone is packed with exciting game updates, including the first-ever Taverns of Time event, a new bundle that offers discounted card packs, and Free Pack Day!

  • Get In Here Bundle – There’s always room for one more in the Tavern! For $10.49 AUD/$12.99 NZD, the Get In Here bundle includes two each of Classic, The WitchwoodKobolds & CatacombsKnights of the Frozen Throne, and Journey to Un’Goro packs, for a total of 10 card packs. The Get In Here bundle can be purchased an unlimited number of times, but disappears on 20 June 3am AEST.
  • Taverns of Time – Toki has tangled the timelines in Arena so be prepared for chronological chaos as alternate realities collide in the Tavern! From 11 June through 2 July AEST, the Arena will host non-collectible Caverns of Time-themed cards and unique quests for players to complete that reward gold and dust. The first Arena run is free so hop in… just watch out for the time distortions.
  • Free Pack Day – From the evening of 13 June AEST, players who log in will be awarded a free Golden Classic Pack filled with Golden Hearthstone cards! That’s it – no catch. Hell yeah!

This update also makes card interactions more intuitive and includes changes to Arena card buckets.

For the full details on the update, check out the official blog post.

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