Hearthstone – Global Games Voting Now Open

Hearthstone – Global Games Voting Now Open

The Hearthstone Global Games are nearly upon us, and it’s now TIME TO VOTE for the players you’d like to represent your nation!

What’s happening?

Blizzard have narrowed down the field of viable competitors to the nine highest Hearthstone Competitive Point earners in each eligible country or region, with the top point earner per region locked in the Anchor position. Teams will be made up of four players total, the Anchor and the three competitors who receive the most community votes. We already know Dylan ‘FroStee’ O’Mallon will Anchor for Australia and David ‘Mage’ So will represent New Zealand but who will join them? That’s for you to decide. Now is your time to vote for the competitors you wish to represent your region!

For more information about the structure of the tournament, the schedule, or formats used, check out the official blog.

What’s in it for me?

Everyone who votes will receive one free card pack from The Witchwood (to be delivered at a later date). Voting concludes at 5pm on 13 June AEST.

What comes after voting?

After voting concludes,  the ballots will be tallied and it’s time to lock in the final rosters! The Hearthstone Global Games tournament play then gets underway in July (full schedule), where the teams will begin the fight for global dominance.

Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more details!

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