Homefront: The Revolution – America Has Fallen Opening Cinematic

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios today revealed the all–new backstory to Homefront: The Revolution by releasing the opening cinematic to the game, titled America Has Fallen. A re-imagined alternate history dating back to ashes of the Korean War documents the fall of one global superpower – and the rise of another, driven by the ruthless APEX Corporation in a world with chilling parallels to our own.

“The core premise of Homefront – an occupation on American soil – remains unchanged, ” said Hasit Zala, Game Director at Dambuster Studios. “But we have created a brand new fiction that offers a very different interpretation of how we got there.”

Homefront: The Revolution is scheduled for release on 20th May 2016 in Australia and New Zealand on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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