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How To Perform The Locked Fatalities For Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath’s New Kharacters

Spill guts in new and creative ways

Every character in MK11 had two fatalities. Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath is no different – the game always hides the input for the second fatality until you unlock it, usually by exploring The Krypt.

However today, I have decided to share my own findings so you can start murdering your enemies in new and exciting ways for each of the brand new Mortal Kombat fighters – Sheeva, Fujin and Robocop.

Now, because buttons are different across each console platform, here is a handy guide to what I mean when I say ‘Push Button 1’:

  • Button 1 means:
    PS4: Square / Xbox One: X / Nintendo Switch: Y
  • Button 2 means:
    PS4: Triangle / Xbox One: Y / Nintendo Switch: X
  • Button 3 means:
    PS4: X / Xbox One: A / Nintendo Switch: B
  • Button 4 means:
    PS4: Circle / Xbox One: B / Nintendo Switch: A

Phew, now that looks a bit complicated. But it’s simple! If I say that an input is ‘Back, Forward, Back, 1′  just think of what console you are using, and…

  • PS4: ‘Back, Forward, Back, Square’
  • Xbox One: ‘Back, Forward, Back, X’
  • Nintendo Switch: ‘Back, Forward, Back, Y’

Still with me? Good! Let’s learn some new Fatalities!

First up is our revivified Windy Lad, Fujin! Enjoy some variety with your showboating by blasting some gale force destruction towards your opponent.


Fatality 1: Wind Blade (Character Distance: Far)

  • Back, Down, Down, Back, 1

Fatality 2: Twisted Twister (Character Distance: Close) [Locked Fatality]

  • Forward, Back, Down, 2


To serve and protect, next up is Robocop! Part man. Part machine. All badass.


Fatality 1: Dead or Alive (Character Distance: Close)

  • Back, Forward, Down, Down, 2

Fatality 2: Thank You For Your Cooperation (Character Distance: Mid) [Locked Fatality]

  • Forward, Down, Forward, 1


It just isn’t a Mortal Kombat game without a four-armed badass. Say hello to Sheeva, queen of the savage Shokan race.


Fatality 1: Stomp the Yard (Character Distance: Close)

  • Down, Down, Down, 1

Fatality 2: Spinal Tap (Character Distance: Close) [Locked Fatality]

  • Forward, Down, Down, Forward, 3

The best part about doing these ‘locked’ fatalities – once you successfully perform one, the game will automatically unlock it for you! So if you ever forget the inputs, they will simply be listed in the characters move summary.

Nifty huh? Now get out there and shed some blood!

Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath is available now for PS4, XBox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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Known throughout the interwebs simply as M0D3Rn, Ash is bad at video games. An old guard gamer who suffers from being generally opinionated, it comes as no surprise that he is both brutally loyal and yet, fiercely whimsical about all things electronic. On occasion will make a youtube video that actually gets views. Follow him on YouTube @Bad at Video Games


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