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I’m Broke Now – Darksiders 3 Has A Release Date And A $400 Special Edition

The end-times have come for your bank account.

Thanks to an apparent leak by Microsoft, We’re lucky enough to now know November is the chosen month for the next chapter of the Darksiders series. On the 27th day, if you want to mark your apocalyptic calendar.

Later, THQ Nordic confirmed the Darksiders 3 release date, along with detailed pre-order options and snazzy special editions that will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC game.

As fairly standard fare, anyone who drops cash early for the game with a preorder (at participating retailers) will get a unique skin for Fury – described by the publisher as “a completely original skin for [protagonist] Fury’s base armor that will set her apart and always be visible during gameplay.” So it’s the predictable cosmetic DLC – but what about the juicy stuff?

Well, people who buy via either the Playstation Network Store or the Microsoft Marketplace get access to the game 24 hours early. No confirmation at this point about whether PC players buying on their platform of choice also get this level of access, but time will tell as the game has been confirmed for simultaneous release across all major platforms.

As for versions of the game, there is a tiered system of commitment for the discerning Darksiders lover; ranging from just the base game, right up to the big mother hubbard: The Apocalypse Edition. LET’S TAKE A LOOK:

Darksiders III: Standard Edition ($60/£45)

Get the game on your platform of choice, coming to XboxOne/PS4/PC.

Darksiders III: Deluxe Edition ($72/£50)

Get the game, plus two DLC’s to be released at a later date. The DLC offerings for Darksiders II involved some great added dungeons and bosses, so I can at least feel confident that the added stuff should be alright for the small added cost.

Darksiders III Blades & Whip Edition ($90/£59)

New to the Darksiders franchise? Or perhaps you want a refresher of the story so far – The Blades & Whip edition comes with Darksiders IIII – PLUS the remastered editions of both Darksiders and Darksiders II. Did I mention this also includes the promised DLC? It’s a pretty rad deal, for a rad price.

Darksiders III Collector’s Edition ($149.99)

Hoo boy. For the long term fan who already has their past Darksiders goodies on lock, this is the next step. Get yourself some sexy goodies for Darksiders III, including:

  • Premium Box
  • 29cm Tall Fury Figure
  • Steelbook Game Case
  • Darksiders III Artbook
  • Darksiders III Soundtrack
  • Darksiders III Game (duh)
  • Exclusive Armor DLC

It’s a good looking edition. And the price is pretty much as I would expect for a very physical item heavy release.

Darksiders III Apocalypse Edition ($400?!?)

…Uh. So, that Collector’s Edition? Pretty good right? Well, the Apocalypse edition is here to leave your wallet a barren wasteland. Just take a gander at it’s epic contents:

  • Premium Box (about 117cm/46″ tall)
  • Wall Scroll – Fabric print with hanger (77 x 100 – 30″ x 40″)
  • 4(!!!) Figurines: Fury (~29cm 11″ high), Vulgrim, War, Death (each about 25cm/10″ high)
  • Heavy weight ‘Symbol of the Horsemen’ amulet (5cm/2″ with necklace)
  • Original Steelbook
  • Darksiders III Artbook
  • Darksiders III Soundtrack
  • Darksiders III Game (For that price, it better be included)
  • Exclusive Armor DLC

That’s….a hefty edition. And with a hefty price. It really is the definitive Darksiders edition, given that it comes with 3 of the horsemen as figure, and the brilliant merchant Vulgrim. No Strife figure? Perhaps Gunfire games are hedging their bets on a Darksiders 4 release to include the fourth and final horseman.

Seriously, this is a nuts edition – just take a look at all that stuff in an image:

Those prices above? Currently the reported USD / UK costs, so unsure what us Aussies will be paying until we see it listed in store. Speaking to my own retail contacts, at this time there is no listed prices in their system, so time will tell. Sufficed to say however, the Apocalypse edition is going to cost a few clams.

Darksiders 3 tells the next chapter in the planned quadrilogy – after the apocalypse is started early, and the Horseman War is is blamed and exiled, the remaining Horsemen are put to the task of cleaning up the mess. They do however have their own motives – mostly revolving around finding out what caused the apocalypse, and how they can clear their brothers name.

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Known throughout the interwebs simply as M0D3Rn, Ash is bad at video games. An old guard gamer who suffers from being generally opinionated, it comes as no surprise that he is both brutally loyal and yet, fiercely whimsical about all things electronic. On occasion will make a youtube video that actually gets views. Follow him on YouTube @Bad at Video Games


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