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It Looks Like Titanfall 3 Might Be In Development According To Data Miners

Titan incoming

I tell you what, I absolutely love Apex Legends. After saying enough is enough with battle royales, I got dragged back into the genre by Respawn Entertainment’s addictive and satisfying first-person offering. Buttery-smooth movement, excellent gunplay and engaging character abilities make Apex a very hard game to put down, but its foundations didn’t come out of nowhere.

As I’m sure everyone knows, Apex is set in the Titanfall universe and borrows many elements from the mech-heavy series. Like many other people, I only decided to play Titanfall 2 after playing Apex, which I regret because the game is great. Despite being a top-notch first-person shooter, Titanfall 2 didn’t sell all that well thanks to a shocking release between much heavier hitters back in 2014.

Luckily, Titanfall 2 has seen a bit of a resurgence post-Apex and more people are realising that it’s a banger, stirring up the desire for a third game in the series. Though Respawn are likely focused on Apex, it seems as though Titanfall 3 might in fact be on the way, though it’s unlikely to be anytime soon.

Previously accurate data miner tHeNeOn_BeAst recently touched on rumours of Titanfall 3 in a now-deleted Tweet, saying “I’m pretty sure leakers can say the same, cuz we have totally different sources. The good thing is: even with different sources, the rumour is exactly the same”. I know, this isn’t exactly an air-tight confirmation, but it does give credence to the idea of a new game.

Adding fuel to this rumour fire, another data miner by the name of Biast12 agreed with the Tweet, claiming that they can “confirm that part”, meaning that this seemingly is well-known information in the data mining scene.

Again, this isn’t an official confirmation by any means, but even rumblings about a new Titanfall game are enough to get me excited.

Are you a fan of the Titanfall games? Who do you main in Apex? Let us know.

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