Lords Of The Fallen 2 Is Now In Development At CI Games’ Newest Studio Hexworks

Lords Of The Fallen 2 Is Now In Development At CI Games’ Newest Studio Hexworks

While a lot of video games encounter development issues, few suffer the constant setbacks that Lords of the Fallen 2 has faced. It’s been six years since Lords of the Fallen released and with a sequel being announced way back in December 2014, you would think the game would be nearing completion. Sadly, the game is still years away, with the project being passed around multiple developers since its announcement.

However, it seems that the project may have finally found a stable home, with CI Games confirming earlier this week that the sequel was now in development at the company’s brand new studio Hexworks, a team that is spread across both Barcelona and Bucharest. Work on the game has been on-going for the past six months, with Creative Director Cezar Virtosu and Executive Producer Saul Gascon leading a team of around 25 people including veteran staff with AAA game development experience.

CI Games says the studio is taking a more indie approach to the game’s development and that LOTF2 will focus more on dark fantasy experience over the original’s power fantasy setting. No release date was provided, only that the game is targetting next-gen consoles and PC as platforms.

You can read the full statement here.

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