MachineGames Develop New Episode For Quake

Quake, one of the pioneers of the FPS genre celebrated its 20th birthday this week. Partaking in the celebrations was MachineGames, the developer of 2013’s excellent Wolfenstein: The New Order. To mark the milestone, MachineGames developed a new episode for the id Software’s title. You can download the episode’s RAR file for FREE from the below tweet.

You must own a copy of Quake (it’s currently part of the Steam sale for those that don’t own it) to play this new level and be able to install mods. If you’re not sure how this process works, GameSpot have provided a step-by-step process for you to follow:

First, extract the RAR to a new folder called DOPA in the main Quake directory. (If you have a Steam copy, that will be located at /steamapps/common/Quake). You’ll then need to add a command line parameter that reads “-game DOPA” without the quotation marks. If you’re doing this through Steam, just right-click the game name in your library, go to Properties, Set Launch Options, and paste the text in there. Start the game normally and you’ll boot directly into the new episode.

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