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Magical First-Person Shooter Immortals Of Aveum Has Gone Gold

Spells at the ready

Developers Ascendent Studios has announced that its upcoming magical first-person shooter, Immortals of Aveum, has gone gold ahead of its August 22 release date.

The announcement was made via a blog post on the studio’s website, confirming that the game has finished core development and is moving to the final stages before release. “I am thrilled to announce that Immortals of Aveum has gone gold! That means that the game was sent off to manufacturing (yes, still a thing), and discs are being shipped to stores as we speak.”

The debut title for Ascendent Studios, Immortals of Aveum, is a fast-paced first-person shooter that trades machine guns for magic and modern battlefields for mystical lands. Originally set to release in July, before being hit with a short delay, the news of the title going gold all but locks in its new August 22 launch date.

The team was so excited by the news they even put together a little going old hype video that you can watch here:

We recently had a chance to preview Immortals of Aveum, saying that “there’s a lot to appreciate in Immortals of Aveum. Ascendant Studios seems to have its heart in the right place, a collective effort from folks who enjoy the craft of an original world, and with the backing of EA Originals, the magic rippled sky could be the limit here.”

Are you looking forward to Immortals of Aveum? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

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Written By Adam Ryan

Adam's undying love for all things PlayStation can only be rivalled by his obsession with vacuuming. Whether it's a Dyson or a DualShock in hand you can guarantee he has a passion for it. PSN: TheVacuumVandal XBL: VacuumVandal Steam: TheVacuumVandal


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