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Mobile Game Tower Rumble Launches Today!

MOBA meets Tower Defence?

Tower Rumble, a deft mix of MOBA, tower defense, and Match-3 launches today on the App Store and Google Play. Play as powerful wizards facing dangerous foes as you customise your army in both Arcade and Campaign modes – or rip a friend to shreds in local PvP – in this complex strategy game by indie studio Neo-Realms.

“Many tower defense games are now built in a way in which a single overpowered upgrade can let you ride out the rest of the wave. We designed Tower Rumble to keep you on your toes — always looking for opportunities to topple your opponent’s defenses instead of relying on a single resource. If you beat the campaigns and are hungry for a real challenge, you can also play against a friend on the same device!” – Steven McCall (Founder & Lead Developer, Neo-Realms)

The game is free to download and play and includes in-app purchases:
*   Free: 3 campaigns (featuring Human and Goblin armies) with 2 unlockable skins.
*   $2.99: Removes all ads and unlocks 3 campaigns/bosses; unlocks Slime and Dwarf armies, plus 6 extra skins.
*   $4.99: Unlocks all tower upgrades.

Check out the trailer below:

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