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Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event Shows Off Wyvern Riding And It’s Awesome

Fight your monsters and ride them too

Overnight, Capcom announced a big chunk of information for Monster Hunter Rise. Here’s a recap of all the new details shown off:

The first new trailer showed off a new area called the Frost Islands, the return of a bunch of monsters as well as something super epic – Wyvern Riding! Here’s the breakdown:

  • Goss Harag is a new monster in the game. It’s a fanged beast that attacks with a blade of ice it creates with its own breath.
  • Barioth returns as well as Khezu (aka Penis Monster), Great Baggi, Lagombi, Tigrex, Mizutsune and we get another look at Magnamalo the flagship monster.
  • Once you unlock certain skills you can use your wirebug to attach to a monsters, ride them for a while and make them attack other monsters.
  • Characters around the village: Fugen is the village elder and master long sword wielder, Minoto and Hinoa are the twin village quest and hub quest maidens, Yomogi is the local tea shop owner, Hojo is the guild manager, Master Utsushi is the leader of hunters, Iori is the buddy handler, Kogarashi is leader of the Meowcernaries and Rondine is a visiting trader.
  • We get to see some new footage of the base including the cool looking training area with a fake Tetranadon to smash and moving targets.
  • Four modes are available in the demo: a beginner quest (kill Great Izuchi) and intermediate quest (kill Mizutsune), a basic training quest (wirebug training) and a Wyvern riding quest. The two kill quests are available in single player, local multiplayer and online multiplayer. Can take a palimute and palico with out to the Temple Ruin. The demo drops sometime today and will be available until February 1. NOTE: The beginner and intermediate quests can only be played a total of 30 times. Once you reach that limit all four modes will be unavailable for single player and local multiplayer. It appears you can continue to use online multiplayer until the demo can no longer be downloaded. Save data from the demo is not transferred.

Check out the stream below as well as a new tutorial video for Wyvern Riding.


How excited are you for this game! Everything looks amazing! Monster Hunter Rise releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch on March 26.

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