Monsters Inc Confirmed in New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer

We Scare Because We Care!

Monsters Inc Confirmed in New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer

Just in case you’d forgotten — Kingdom Hearts 3 is still a thing that’s happening. Luckily, Square Enix was on-hand to remind everyone of that fact at this weekend’s D23 Japan expo, bringing with them an exciting new reveal trailer.

Monsters Inc is coming to Kingdom Hearts, baby!

The new trailer begins with more footage from the equally-exciting Toy Story world (that’s not one but TWO Pixar worlds represented in the new game!) before moving on to a visually stunning showcase of some of the Monsters Inc content. We see an entertaining interaction between Sora and crew, and Mike, Sully and Boo before a glimpse at some hectic battles in familiar locales like the Monsters Inc scare floor!

Monster Sora might just be my new crush

The trailer also showcases some more of the previously announce worlds such as Tangled and throws in a few more tidbits such as Ariel from The Little Mermaid as a summonable character, it seems. We also get another confirmation of a 2018 release window, which hopefully will be narrowed down to a day as promised at this year’s E3.

Check the trailer below (it’s in Japanese with English subtitles available) and let us know in the comments which worlds you’re still hoping are in the pipeline. A Bug’s Life is pretty high up on my list right now!

[in Japanese] MIKE WAZOWSKI!

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