New Career Mode Features For FIFA 16

New Career Mode Features For FIFA 16

Amid all the gameplay improvements and new features that will come with FIFA 16, the Career Mode shall come with two new features that were missing from the previous titles of the franchise.

In order to give in to a fan hammering, EA will be introducing the new FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) draft system into the F16 Career Mode. Consequently, the mode shall also have the pre-season tournaments, typical of real-life football. The players clubs will now have the opportunity to be invited to three out of a possible nine pre-season tournaments played in Asia, Europe, Latin America, or North America, details the Express of UK.

The games will be an opportunity for players to work on their respective team’s strategies and lineups before the start of the regular season. They can also use it to improve their rotation by using their subs and test squad players.

What’s even more interesting for gamers is that the prize purse that they can win in participating in these pre-season tournaments gets allocated to their transfer budget for the upcoming season. (Source: MasterHerald)

FIFA 16 will be launching on Xbox One, PS4 and PC September 24.



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