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New Little Devil Inside Gameplay Shows Off The World Map, Survival And More Combat

Please don’t make us wait much longer

A new gameplay trailer Little Devil Inside was revealed during this morning’s PlayStation State of Play.

This new trailer focuses on how Billy, the game’s protagonist, moves through and survives in the world of Little Devil Inside. When moving between jobs, Billy will traverse an adorable miniature-like world map, filled with obstacles and points of interaction. Players can travel on foot, by horse, in vehicles or by train, each with its own advantages.

While making your way across fields, deserts and frozen mountain peaks, you’ll be faced with a number of obstacles and opportunities. Some, like a herd of sheep blocking the road, will only serve as a slight inconvenience, whereas others, like a friendly old merchant, will change your perspective into third-person and have you interact directly. Of course, job locations will throw you into action as you fight all kinds of fiendish monsters.

We also catch a quick glimpse of the inventory and survival mechanics in motion during the trailer. Having secured supplies, Billy can be seen setting up camp for the night and preparing a meal for himself and his travelling companions. A support PlayStation Blog post also states that Little Devil Inside isn’t about levelling up quickly and speedrunning the content, with the pace will be a bit more relaxed. So we can likely assume that moving around the world and camping will play a sizeable part.

Give the trailer a watch:

Disappointingly we still don’t have a release date for this gorgeous little game, so we’ll just have to continue to be patient.

Did you watch the most recent State of Play? Are you excited to play Little Devil Inside? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

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