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Obliterate Your Opponents With The Batista Bomb In Free Gears 5 DLC

Walk for miles inside this pit of DLC

With everything going on in the world currently, many conventions, festivals gigs and the like have been cancelled or postponed while old mate COVID-19 is around. One huge event that is going ahead (without a crowd mind you) is WWE’s Wrestlemania, the biggest show of the year that sees all of the year’s storylines come to a head.

The brilliant Gears 5 (which we gave a 9.5) has seen a number of crossovers, with the most recent being a promotional partnering with Terminator: Dark Fate.

For my money though, the best crossover seen in Gears 5 has to be the Dave Bautista skin for multiplayer. Better known by his WWE name Batista, this skin allowed you to romp around, blowing the shit out of The Swarm while yelling “Give me what I want!”

The only thing missing from the free DLC was the ability to hit enemies with Batista’s finishing move from his wrestling days – that was until now. Players who jump onto Gears 5 between April 2-18 will unlock the ability to hit downed enemies with The Animal’s most dangerous manoeuvre, the Batista Bomb.

Those who watch wrestling will know that the Batista Bomb can easily put down an opponent for a three-count, but this version is far more lethal, exploding your enemy into a red mist upon execution.

Take a look at the trailer for the Batista Bomb free DLC:

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Gears 5 is out now on Xbox One and PC. The Batista Bomb DLC is available now until April 18.

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