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Overwatch 2: Underworld – Lore Hunter Location Guide

How to rapidly complete the Underworld: Lore Hunter challenge in Overwatch 2

Within Overwatch 2: Invasion you can play a rotating PvE mode known as ‘Underworld’. This unique team-based mode sees a group take on waves of Omnic enemies, while traversing a modified version of the King’s Row payload map.

This game mode has a unique set of challenges, with a particular one asking you to:

Discover all the hidden lore interactions as a team in Underworld

These are unique interactable locations that will prompt a voice line from your special narrator, Iggy the Omnic. Finding all five of these will net you the seasonal challenge objective ‘Underworld: Lore Hunter‘.

This guide will show you the location of each of these items – with a video walkthrough located at the bottom of the article.

Happy lore hunting!

1. Anti-Omnic Graffiti

The first lore item is accessed right after you are let out of your spawn room. You are looking for some scrawled wall graffiti offering the unfortunate sentiment of ‘Machines have no rights’. Gross.

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  • From your spawn room, head to the exit door of the subway tunnel and wait for it to open
  • Follow the illuminated area to the left, then immediately turn right to face the arch, and the bookshop beyond it
  • To the right of the bookshop door, continue past the crashed null sector pod towards the lit up BELL sign
  • Mind the Null Sector robots!
  • Turn right and look for the glowing chevron on the brick wall
  • Hold your action key to activate the lore item

Head back past the book shop to continue to the next item.

1. Anti-Omnic Graffiti

2. Mondatta Memorial

The next lore item is a portrait of the famous Omnic monk Mondatta, who perished in the Widowmaker animated short.

  • Head through the giant archway towards the first capture point of the traditional King’s Row map
  • Locate the giant Omnic statue, and be wary of the Null Sector robots
  • Head towards the courtyard where the Double Decker bus usually sits
  • Pass through the gateway, and immediately turn left
  • Look for the candle lit memorial, with a picture of Mondatta – the glowing chevron will be on his portrait
  • Hold your action key to activate the lore item

Head to the locked gate to continue!

2. Mondatta Memorial

3. Lucio Concert Poster

This is an easy one, where you need to find a giant Lucio poster on a brick wall.

  • After dispatching some Null Sector robots, you will need to wait for a shuttered door to open
  • When the door opens, head through and look to your right – there will a small landing and some steps leading up to it
  • Continue up these steps and you will be facing the Lucio poster
  • Hold your action key to activate the lore item

The next lore item is incredibly close to this one, so don’t wander off!

3. Lucio Concert Poster

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4. Lucio Record

Upstairs in an apartment, a music enthusiast has left a Lucio record for you to discover.

  • After activating the Lucio poster, look to your left at the internal staircase
  • Head up the stairs, and you will see a record collection
  • The chevron will be on the middle record display
  • Hold your action key to activate the lore item

At this point, rejoin your team and assist with the robot refuel event – because your next lore item is far easier to access once you move together as a unit and clear the final passage.

4. Lucio Record

5. Underworld Sign

Once you have refuelled your robot friend, it’s time to take the fight to the heart of King’s Row. Group up with your team and get ready to push out together into the Omnic Underground.

  • Once the TS-1 robot is active, the exit to the repair area will have a horde of Null Sector units defending it
  • Work through these robots, and approach the internal area that serves as the final delivery point of the Payload on the traditional King’s Row map
  • As soon as you enter the large section of this internal area, look to your left to see a giant sign with a yellow circle that says ‘UNDERGROUND’
  • Hold your action key to activate the lore item

With this complete, you should now have a total of five lore items activated. Continue to the final area of the map, and survive the final assault to bring it all home!

5. Underworld Sign

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Video Guide

For people who desire dulcet tones and a more visual set of instructions, check out the handy-dandy video below.

Straight to the point and rapid – just what the support ordered:

With these objectives completed, you should find your Lore Hunter challenge done!

Written By Ash Wayling

Known throughout the interwebs simply as M0D3Rn, Ash is bad at video games. An old guard gamer who suffers from being generally opinionated, it comes as no surprise that he is both brutally loyal and yet, fiercely whimsical about all things electronic. On occasion will make a youtube video that actually gets views. Follow him on YouTube @Bad at Video Games


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