September’s PS Plus Free Games Lineup Announced

September’s PS Plus Free Games Lineup Announced

My congratulations go out to all Australian PlayStation Plus members because you fortunate bunch will be getting your hands on both inFAMOUS Second Son and Child of Light as well as PSVR title, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League as a bonus game starting from the 5th of September.

For those unfamiliar with the title, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is a first-person arena-based shooter set in the year 2065. Being a PSVR title, RIGS immerses players in an intense, all-action future sport that takes elements from athletic games such as combat sports, motorsports, basketball and American football, and mixes them all up to create a unique experience.

At their core, the RIGS featured in the game are large, heavily armed athletic machines, that you as the player get to pilot!

Check out the trailer for this crazy game below:

This bonus game is offered in addition to the new PlayLink social party game That’s You! which has also been made available as a bonus game for PlayStation Plus members.

Through the PlayStation Plus service, members can enjoy PS4 online multiplayer, along with two PS4 games each month!

On top of the chance to play online multiplayer and receive two games each month, PlayStation Plus members can enjoy exclusive discounts, and 10GB of online storage for their precious game saves.

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