Pokemon Presents: Pokemon Gets A MOBA – Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Presents: Pokemon Gets A MOBA – Pokemon Unite

Last week in the first Pokemon Presents it was announced that a second presentation was happening this week. Here is our recap of the presentation:

We start out with a trailer. Pokemon made us trade, battle and connect together. Now we are getting a team based game/MOBA, Pokemon Unite, made by the Pokemon Company and Tencent. The idea behind Pokemon Unite was to create a cooperative Pokemon game that was highly accessible with a deeper gameplay experience.

Pokemon Unite is a free to start game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices and has cross-platform play. It is current under development and we do not have a release date yet.

The general gameplay mechanics were shown off. Catch wild Pokemon to increase your score and level up to gain new moves. If you level up enough you can learn unique powerful Unite Moves and evolve if possible. There are no type advantages in Pokemon Unite. If you retreat to a goal you can recover your HP. You can destroy the other teams goals to reduce the number of healing places available to the other team. The game is set up as 5-vs-5. You get to pick from a selection of Pokemon.

Are you keen to play a Pokemon MOBA? Are you salty right now? If you missed the presentation check out the trailer below:


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