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Remedy Regains Publishing Rights For Alan Wake

They are now in Control

Remedy, the team behind Quantum Break and the soon-to-be-released Control, has managed to regain the publishing rights for one of its previous IPs, Alan Wake. The thriller title, previously published by Microsoft Studios, has a bit of a cult following and fans of the game have been wanting a sequel for many years. In an interview with VG247, Remedy stated that a sequel for Alan Wake was in the works but complications lead to its demise.

We were working on Alan Wake 2 years ago and it just didn’t pan out, so there’s nothing – we’re just booked solid for the next couple of years, really. We do own the Alan Wake IP, but it’s never quite as simple as that, but yeah, we do own it. – Thomas Puha, director of communications at Remedy

To add to this news, the company (based in Finland) earned 2.5 million Euros in royalties for past games, including Alan Wake.

Whether all this news means we will see an Alan Wake 2, or something of the like, remains to be seen. However, it should be noted that Remedy is currently busy developing Control (due for release August 27, 2019) and the story mode for Crossfire X.

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