Rocket League: AquaDome Free Update

Rocket League: AquaDome Free Update

Another free update for Rocket League will be upon us on the 4th of October, the update will include:

  • A new ‘AquaDome’ arena that is set under the sea with beautiful sea life swimming around the outside of the dome.rocket_league_aquadome111


  • 2 new ‘AquaDome’ battle-cars; Triton and Proteus.



  • A new Champion series III crate with additional garage items including; The Breakout Type-S (An exclusive car which is only available in these crates), animated decals, exotic wheels and more.



There will also be new trophies, achievements and new painted wheels, and the original Hotshot and Road hog cars will also be getting a fresh touch of paint  but it isn’t clear as to what colours or how many trophies and wheels there will be yet.

Get around the trailer below


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