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Rocksteady Announces Suicide Squad Game, Details To Come August 22

Squad up on August 22

After five years of development and constant fan hankering for news, Rocksteady has tonight finally announced its new project – a Suicide Squad game – via…a tweet.

It’s certainly a strange way to reveal your new project, especially one with as much anticipation as this. The saving grace here is that it’s more of a head’s up for the real reveal, which will happen on August 22 (or August 23 here in Oz depending on the time).

Some fans are likely to be disappointed that it’s not a direct Batman game, however, based on the tweet, players will possibly be donning the cape and speedos of Clark Kent, also known as Dean Cain, who’s also known as Superman – or perhaps he’s a villain (which would explain the target on his head). Nevertheless, it’s exciting times for DC fans and we look forward to the full reveal in a couple weeks.

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Despite a childhood playing survival horrors, point and clicks and beat ’em ups, these days Zach tries to convince people that Homefront: The Revolution is a good game while pining for a sequel to The Order: 1886 and a live-action Treasure Planet film. Carlton, Burnley FC & SJ Sharks fan. Get around him on Twitter @tightinthejorts




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