Ryse Sequel Potentially Leaked; Possible Xbox Scorpio Title [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Crytek have responded via Twitter about the legitimacy of the Ryse: The Empire image that has been circulating social media just under the past 24 hours. Sadly the image has been confirmed as fake with the CryEngine Twitter account tweeting the following:

Furthermore, the Twitter account the picture was originally tweeted from has seemingly been deleted.

Despite this being confirmed as fake, we still hope that one day we will set foot back in Crytek’s Roman universe.

The original story is below:

Earlier this morning a picture was spotted on Twitter that alluded to a sequel to Crytek’s Xbox One launch exclusive, Ryse: Son of Rome. The picture which you can see below appears to be a title screen, with the words Ryse: The Empire plastered across it. What makes this even more interesting is the wording at the bottom of the screen, with the second line reading “All images were captured on an Xbox…”. Now what makes this interesting is that the image is conveniently cut off at the next word, however to my eagle eye it looks like an S, which is then followed by another letter, meaning it’s another word. So putting my detective hat on one would assume that the following word is Scorpio.


Now given that this was spotted on Twitter it is highly likely that it is fake. However a sequel is not entirely out the question with a rumoured sequel reportedly cancelled amidst Crytek’s financial struggles in 2014.

We’ve reached out to Crytek for an official statement on the image and we’ll update the article once a response is received.

What do you make of the above image? Is it real or is it just another internet fake? Let us know in the comments below.

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