Samurai Shodown Release Date Confirmed, Gameplay Features Explained

Samurai Shodown Release Date Confirmed, Gameplay Features Explained

Get ready to slice and dice your enemies in the newest game from developer SNK, Samurai Shodown. After a slew of character trailers, we recently received a proper gameplay trailer, in which we were graced with the game’s release date for the West; June 25th. Along with this date, the trailer also reveals a few new features and modes included in this newest release.

Rage Gauge – As you take damage, your Rage Gauge will fill, allowing you to deal bonus damage. If you want to you can sacrifice your entire gauge, when it is full, to access your “Lightning Blade” ability. This can let you deal a crazy amount of damage on your opponent, possibly changing the outcome of the match.

Story Mode – This story is a prequel to the events of the original 1993 title of the same name. Experience different character’s storylines and follow them through a multitude of bloody battles.

The Dojo – Not only does this mode allow you to practice with different fighters and learn their skills; but as you train offline and play through the story mode, the game takes all of the information of your play style and creates a clone version of yourself. You can fight against your clone to try and find your own weak spots and perfect your play as well as send it online for other players to challenge.

This 2.5D animated, weapon based fighting game looks to provide SamSho fans and fighting game fans alike a new game to sink their teeth into, a good ten years since its predecessor.

Be ready to #EmbraceDeath June 25th when Samurai Shodown releases on PS4 and Xbox One

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