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Snakeybus Has An Incredibly Easy Platinum – Here’s The Quickest Way To Get It

Next stop, trophy-ville


Should I be studying? Yes. Should I be playing through my pledge games? Yes. Am I playing bizarre, time-wasting games instead? Yes.

If you’re like me and enjoy a good old pick-up-and-play game that doesn’t require heaps of attention or commitment, the ridiculous Snake/public transport hybrid Snakeybus is a solid choice. In my review of Snakeybus (I gave it a 7) I mention that the game is a strange combination or relaxing and stressful, so you could either play for hours comfortably or get frustrated within 20 minutes, it could go either way.

Regardless of which category you fall into, the game has a fairly simple trophy list for those who covet the digital bling, complete with a shiny platinum that’s easy enough to nab in couple hours tops.

Seeing as though I’ve managed to snag myself the plat already, I figure that I could pay it forward a bit and share some tips on how to fasten the process just a bit more.

Click on each trophy name for some juicy tips:

Collect all trophies.

Standard platinum requirement here, let’s move into what challenges you need to complete to unlock this bad boy.

Completed your first game.

Yep, nothing to explain here. If you want to smash through theses trophies, you can easily knock over three (Submit First Leaderboard and Who turned off the lights? being the other two) in your first game, but regardless of how well you do, you’ll get this bronze boy for just playing one game. (Check the Who turned the lights off? entry to maximise your trophy intake)

Here’s another gimme. Regardless of whether or not your score is any good, just go ahead and upload it to the leaderboard and you’ve netted yourself another bronze. Add this to your first run and you are two trophies richer already. (Check the Who turned the lights off? entry to maximise your trophy intake)

Unlocked Ring Map.

All of the “Unlock X” trophies are tied to reaching a certain score. Ring will be the first one you hit as it asks for a score of 4000. At this stage, you probably won’t be too proficient with jumping, so you’ll want to stick to simpler maps that don’t ask too much of you. Before things get too crazy, start off your bus journey just being a bus driver and cruise around on the Suburb map, it’s easy enough to navigate and won’t ask you to jump around too much.

Unlocked Miami Map

Same deal here folks, just keep it going and try to hit those segment related trophies at the same time. Miami requires a score of 8000 and you’ve just unlocked the Ring map, those two are a match made in heaven. Jump on Ring, take it slow, you’ll be popping this in no time.

Unlocked Coriolis Map

Alright, Ring has done all it can for you, leave it behind. Coriolis requires a score of 12,000 and we want to smash through these as quick as possible. You’ll have a handle on everything now so let’s get you striving to grab these last few trophies at the same time. Jump into the Museum, do that sweet figure-eight (read the Blaze it entry) and get this done.

Unlocked Endless map.

Umm, Endless unlocks at 12,000 as well so congrats. If you took my advice for the last trophy you already have this, nice.

Found Paris Night Map.

This one is an oddball as it’s the only secret to be found and there isn’t anything to indicate how to find it, but that’s what I’m here for.

While on the Paris map, make your way towards the shelter structure near the river and hit the gas while you are oriented towards the squared-off block of buildings. You’ll need to jump slightly to swish yourself into the gap and once you do your run will end, but reload the map and you’ll find that Paris is now in the evening. That’s it, you’re down with this one.

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As I said, you can unlock three trophies on your first run, so play on Paris, follow these steps and then upload your score to the leaderboard. Bang, three trophies (two bronze and a gold) are all yours.

Unlocked School Bus

A score of 2000 is needed for the School Bus, so this one is nice and simple. I’ve already suggested you start gobbling up points on the Suburb map and it’s the same suggestion here too. You’ll hit 2000 points nice and quick so just keep picking up patrons.

Unlocked Clustertruck

Clustertruck requires a score of 6000 and, by this point, you’ll probably be getting used to the mental gameplay of Snakeybus. The Ring map has unlocked at 4000, so without delay, jump on that bad boy. It takes very little input (it’s just a collection of paths in a circle), so just keep cracking on that map and maybe attempt to get 300 segments (not bad trophy) while you’re at it.

Unlocked Party bus.

Sick of Ring yet? Fair enough. Party bus needs a score of 10,000, so keep on keeping on. Start aiming for multiple trophies at once on Museum, that will help with the last few segment-based ones.

Unlocked Dragon bus.

Dragon bus unlocks at 14,000, so just let this one happen and aim for the Blaze it trophy, so keep playing the Museum map and don’t run into yourself, the finish line is near.

Get 150 segments.

By this stage, you should have a decent handle on how the game works, but you might not have nailed the jumping just yet (it’s a bit dodgy at the best of times). So if you’re not confident just yet, I’d suggest attempting this on the Seattle map as it has a fairly direct path to follow that will see you picking up heaps of passengers.

The dropoff spots on this map are nice and easy to get to and running into yourself won’t be an issue if you continually do a loop of the entire map. With all three of the segment related trophies, you might be tempted to hit the gas to get it done quicker, but this will have you restarting frequently, so be the tortoise in this race and use the brake so you can control your movement easier.

Get 300 segments.

All of the other trophies are a cakewalk, but these last two can be a bit of a challenge.

Getting a long chain of segments can be hard to handle on most maps as you overlap with yourself eventually, but for this trophy using the Ring map is the way to go. Collecting passengers before jumping/dropping to a neighbouring platform makes this trophy pretty simple, as you won’t start meeting up with your back end until you are well over 300 segments. The biggest risk in using this map is falling off the edge, but you can avoid that by ignoring the middle sphere, driving on that is asking for trouble.

Get 420 segments.

Realistically, this is the only painful one as it does require a bit of skill or a fair whack of patience if you lack that skill.

My recommendation would be to choose the Museum level when attempting this trophy. The figure-eight shape allows you to get into a rhythm and the lack of sides to fall of makes things a touch easier as well. From the offset, hug the walls of the level and continue on that path. You will eventually need to jump over yourself (getting over 300 segments starts to make things a bit squishy) so just make sure you are using the level’s verticality, as it will make things a little less hectic.

And as I said in a previous point, don’t be tempted to hit the gas, take your time, hold onto that brake and you’ll be fine.

Time for some general advice:

  • As funny as it might be to drive around a dorm room as a bus, just don’t do it, the Dorm map is full of obstacles that are easy to get caught on and that will lengthen the trophy process.
  • Do. Not. Touch. Cave. This Map is garbage and won’t help you unlock anything. It’s all focused on staying airborne and not only is that not fun, but it’s also hard as shit.
  • Don’t fall for the idea that playing on the Endless map will help you with the segment related trophies, this doesn’t work (I tried). You’ll need to unlock the last three trophies honestly.
  • Don’t get too caught up on the leaderboards. Sure you might have only missed the top spot by a handful of points, but you can always come back to it. Knock the trophies out of the way and come back to it, you’ll be better at the game by that point anyway.

Right, there we go, that’s all of the trophies are out of the way, how does that platinum look? Now that you’ve rushed through the game to hit that plat, go back through and give the game a good go, it’s a wonderful time killer, just don’t play on Cave.

Have you got the Snakeybus platinum? What do you think of the game? Let us know.

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Written By Adam Ryan

Adam's undying love for all things PlayStation can only be rivalled by his obsession with vacuuming. Whether it's a Dyson or a DualShock in hand you can guarantee he has a passion for it. PSN: TheVacuumVandal XBL: VacuumVandal Steam: TheVacuumVandal


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