Something New Is Brewing With Diablo

Blizzard have revealed that they’re on the hunt for a new dungeon artist to join the Diablo team, who will be assigned to an ‘unannounced project’.

Of course, this could still mean absolutely anything. However it feels like the Diablo universe is ripe for a recharge since D3 originally launched back in 2012 with it’s game changer of an expansion in Reaper of Souls shortly afterwards. We have also heard rumors of a potential Nintendo Switch port of D3 back in March so it could also be something to do with that. Or, y’know, Blizzard just need to replace a dungeon artist for D3.

Diablo 3 is actually one of the highest grossing video games of all time so it would be silly to completely rule out the idea of a follow up in some form.

With BlizzCon unleashing upon us this November, could 2018 be the year of a Diablo revival? We might just bet our Soul Stones on it.

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