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Sony Confirms That COVID-19 Will Not Cause A PS5 Release Delay

Please COVID, leave our next-gen consoles alone

I’m certain that you’re tired of hearing about COVID-19 by now, but it’s been altering a great many things, including the gaming industry. There’s been a fair bit of speculation lately as to whether or not the next-gen consoles that are scheduled for launched in late 2020 will be pushed back due to the current situation.

Talking to Bloomberg recently, a Sony Spokesperson has given an update on their plans regarding the PlayStation 5 release. When asked about the impact that the Coronavirus might have on the console’s launch the spokesperson had this to say:

[Sony] doesn’t see any notable impact on the launch of its next-generation game console PlayStation 5 planned at the end of this year

This is good news of course, but Sony has faced struggles brought on by COVID-19, such as factory shutdowns in China, Malaysia and the UK.

Though this seems to confirm that the PS5’s release date won’t be moved, it doesn’t highlight whether distribution will be impacted at all, or whether there will be unit shortages at launch. We will be keeping our eyes on this situation and will keep you updated.

When do you see the PS5 releasing? Will you be getting the console on launch? Let us know.

Shoutout to IGN and Bloomberg

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