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Spyro Remastered Trilogy Information Leaked on Mexican Amazon

This Sparx my excitement!

The dragon’s out of the stone.

Earlier today, Amazon Mexico listed a page for a Spyro remastered trilogy – lining up with months of rumours and false alarms. The following information was leaked:

  • The games will be bundled under the title Reignited Trilogy.
  • The trilogy will be released on September 21 – a few days after the series’ 20th anniversary on the 9th. This is probably a placeholder date as it’s the last day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. But hey, you never know.
  • Development has been handled by Toys For Bob. These guys are responsible for the (worse) half of the Skylanders series, and have a development history that goes all the way back to 1990. However, their backlog of platformers isn’t great. Combine that with the small size of their studio, and you have a potential recipe for disaster. Guess we’ll have to see the games in action before we make any judgement, but I’m not holding my breath.
  • The price should be around $40 USD, which is what the N.Sane Trilogy cost. If it ain’t broke…
  • The box art, which is below. It was taken down promptly, so please forgive the hastily-procured resolution:

This leak lines up with a couple of extra tidbits that may prove damning to naysayers. This comes off the back of the official Spyro Twitter making a tweet directed at the Crash Bandicoot page, with some juicy visual choices. Purple hue? What looks like a reflection of the Artisan World in Crash’s eyes? I’m getting giddy over here!

But there’s more; IGN, and many other news outlets, received a purple egg lined with scales yesterday. It contained a note saying “Something’s about to hatch.” The author? Falcon McBob – the current handle of the Spyro twitter. Guys, I think it’s time to get excited…and pick up copies of the PS1 games before they skyrocket in price.

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