Square Enix Details Kingdom Hearts Launch Day Updates, Secret Videos

Square Enix Details Kingdom Hearts Launch Day Updates, Secret Videos

Back in mid-December, you might remember the gaming community buzz around the leaking of a little game called Kingdom Hearts III. A full six weeks before the official launch date, some early copies on Xbox One made their way into public hands and, rightfully, Kingdom Hearts fans were immediately concerned about the potential for spoilers.

Later that same day, game director Tetsuya Nomura issued a statement addressing the leak and attempting to calm fans’ fears by revealing that the version of the game pressed to disc did not include the ‘full’ ending. What that meant exactly, and how much of the ending of the game was not included on-disc remained a mystery, however, until now.

In a series of tweets from the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, Square Enix have today detailed not only the content of the game’s requisite launch-day patch, but the nature of the game’s withheld ending content. Aside from the usual last-minute tweaks to the game itself (which aren’t explicitly spelled out in the tweets), it’s been revealed that Kingdom Hearts III will have three ‘video’ sequences added at launch. The ‘Memory Archive’ videos will recap prior games in the series and be added at launch, while the game’s ‘Epilogue’ and a further ‘Secret’ video will be rolled out over the two following days. Judging by what’s written, it seems the Epilogue will run right after the main game is completed and the primary ending viewed, while the Secret video will require certain in-game criteria to be met, much the same as previous games.

Check out the series of tweets below:

Kingdom Hearts III launches on January 29th, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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