The Surge

The Surge 2 Gets A New Gameplay Overview Trailer

Break down the walls of Jericho

Tight in the Jorts: October 2018 Edition

What goodies does the month of October hold for us?

The Surge Review

The hardcore hack and slash genre takes a ride on the futuristic sci-fi train

Tight in the Jorts: May 2017 Edition

May marks the return of an old favourite, a spiritual successor and the usual niche games that only Zach is hyped for

The Surge – Target, Loot and Equip Trailer

Slicin', dicin' and lootin'

The Surge Director Talks Combat, Game Development and Mid-Gen Upgrades

Managing Director Jan Klose opens up about the hardcore sci-fi hack and slash The Surge

The Surge – Stronger, Faster, Tougher Trailer

From little things big things grow

Five Games To Watch Out For In 2017

Don't let these titles slip under your radar

E3 2016: PC Gaming Show Recap

Get a lowdown on what's going down on the PC scene!

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