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Telltale’s The Walking Dead Saved by Original Comic Creator’s Studio

Working with original team members

Near the end of last month, Telltale Games shocked their employees and fans by announcing that they were closing down immediately and cancelling all of their current and future projects. While the news that we wouldn’t be getting any more The Wolf Among Us or Tales from the Borderlands was incredibly tragic, it also left us confused as to the future of Clementine’s story in The Walking Dead, which had only just begun its final season. With no official statement from Telltale, gamers frantically tweeted the developers for answers but they were just as stunned and (understandably) angry as we were. The only thing that Telltale could tell us was that they were actively seeking assistance from other studios and developers to try and ensure the release of the final episodes but that nothing had been secured as yet.

As recently as Thursday, creator of The Walking Dead comic book series, Robert Kirkman, spoke coyly about the final season of the game at a New York Comic Con panel, telling fans to “Stay tuned” and that “Everyone is trying to make sure Clementine’s story gets told”. Well, that little ray of hope began to shine a bit brighter today with Kirkman’s own company, Skybound Games, sending out this tweet:

This is pretty great news and hopefully means that we’ll get to see a fitting conclusion to Clem’s story, the way the original creative team intended. In more good news, Skybound Games have also stated that they want to work with members of the original Telltale team, although nothing has been finalised yet.

Written By Edward Darling

If they had waterproof controllers in the 80s, Edward would probably have been gaming in the womb. He'll play anything with a pixel and would rather make console love, not console wars. PSN / XBL: CptLovebone


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