The 2018 Australian Game Developer Awards Winners Have Been Announced

The 2018 Australian Game Developer Awards Winners Have Been Announced

Every year, Melbourne International Games Week brings local, national, and international game developers together for a week of creativity, networking, business development, and play. One of the highlights of MIGW is the Australian Game Developer Awards (AGDA), which recognises Australian studios and developers, and their games.

This year’s list of AGDA nominees is especially exciting because it’s come off the back of a year full of stellar releases by Australian developers. With nominees like Florence, Paperbark and That Boy Is A Monstr, it’s an incredibly diverse group with a wide range of experiences, messages and inspiration to offer.

The biggest news for me, however, is the award of Game of the Year going to The Voxel Agents’ absolutely stellar The Gardens Between. I gave the game a 9/10 in my review here on WellPlayed, citing it as one of the best indie gaming experiences I’ve ever had. A huge congratulations goes to the team and the wonderful work they’ve done.

The full list of winners, as selected by the Game Developers’ Association of Australia (GDAA) can be found below:

●     Hien Pham – It Will Be Hard
●     Sav Ferguson – That Boy Is A Monstr
●     Protostar Games – Super Starfish
●     Massive Monster – The Adventure Pals
●     Paper House – Paperbark
●     Opaque – Earthlight
●     Mountains – Florence
●     Robot House – Rumu
●     Industry Champion Award: Liam Esler
●     Adam Lancman Award: Giselle Rosman
●     Game of the Year: The Gardens Between– The Voxel Agents

●     Studio of the Year: Team Cherry

The Gardens Between

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners, and kudos for showing the world just what the Australian development scene is capable of!

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