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The 2020 PlayStation Wrap-Up Is Now Live So Check How Many Hours You’ve Clocked

The numbers don’t lie

Seemingly a new annual tradition, the 2020 PlayStation Wrap-Up is now live for players to check exactly how many hours they’ve spent on their PS4s and PS5s. With your PSN log-in details handy, head over HERE to see all of your personalised stats from the year that was.

This year’s wrap-up is pretty extensive, letting you know how many games you played during 2020 and giving you play times for the top three. No wrap-up would be complete without total play hours of course, so expect to be shocked by that large number, with it then divided up between offline and online playtime which is a nifty stat. Other fun facts thrown your way will be the number of days you played during, most popular day of the week to play and the number of trophies earned (with a breakdown for the trophy hunters among us). Here are my most-played games of 2020 for example (I pretended to be shocked):

There are a number of cheeky general stats included as well; for instance, did you know that, overall, 834 million Mongols fell in fear in Ghost of Tsushima in 2020? The more you know. If you were lucky enough to get a PS5 in 2020 you’ll also get a nice little section that focuses on your use of the shiny new device. At the very end of this fun little exercise you’ll be gifted with a free PS4 theme for your efforts, so that’s a nice way to send the year off in style.

What were some of your most impressive stats? Were you surprised by anything in your wrap-up? Let us know.

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