The Dimensions VS Launch Party Is Happening This Friday Night At GG EZ Bar

The Dimensions VS Launch Party Is Happening This Friday Night At GG EZ Bar

In Melbourne and got bugger all to do this Friday night? Well if this sounds like you then you should come on down to GG EZ Bar (93 Queen Street, Melbourne) and help the team at TeePee Studios celebrate the Early Access launch of their free-to-play brawler Dimensions VS.

Beginning at 6:30 pm and hosted by GG EZ Bar, attendees will be in for a treat with games to be played, giveaways to be won and even Dimensions VS-themed bubble tea to be drunk. I mean even if you have plans cancel them because they’re not going to be as exciting as the Dimensions VS launch party. Entry is free and the more people the merrier, so bring as many people as possible. Just don’t go full Corey Worthington.

We are now exactly one month away from the launch party!!!! And to add to the hype, we have worked with the team at GG…

Posted by DIMENSIONS VS on Monday, 16 July 2018


Not sure what Dimensions VS is? Well, Dimensions VS is a party brawler in the same vein as Smash Brothers, which will see four players donnybrook it out for glory. You’ll get to go hands-on this Friday night if you make your way down to GG EZ. Can’t make it because you live elsewhere or can make it but are simply choosing to do something else but want to get all over Dimensions when it launches? You’ll be excited to know that Dimensions VS will launch on Steam in Early Access for FREE (free-to-play) on August 20.

Want to know more about TeePee Studios? They’re our Made In Australia featured developer for August (what crazy happenstance) and you can read all about the company and how it got it into developing games here.

See you there.


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