The New Overwatch Character Is A Hamster. No, Really.

The New Overwatch Character Is A Hamster. No, Really.

Meet Hammond, codename: WRECKING BALL.

Unveiled today, and immediately shipped to the Overwatch PTR, the newest addition to the Overwatch universe is a hyper intelligent hamster. Sitting within the bowels of a fairly impressive mechanised suit of armor, Hammond has managed to turn a hamster ball into a gun toting weapon of mass collision.

Wrecking Ball’s tinkering capabilities and iron-clad mech make him a formidable tank hero, capable of bowling through the front line of the opposition and causing mayhem in the back line. His primary weapon, Quad Cannons, are two sets of twin machine guns that shred enemies caught in their crosshairs. No team is too much for Wrecking Ball to engage against with his Adaptive Shield, which generates more health based on the number of enemies nearby. This shield makes him incredibly difficult to kill when he bulldozes into the fray and, once he starts to get low on health, also provides him the endurance to escape. The Rollability allows Wrecking Ball to withdraw the mech’s robotic limbs, transforming it into a ball with increased movement speed. No obstacle can stand in Wrecking Ball’s way when he uses Grappling Claw, a short-range ability that grips the environment, letting him swing across terrain gaps or around corners to smash enemies. Grappling Claw also allows Wrecking Ball to reach top speed and ram into foes, dealing destructive damage and knocking them back. While airborne, the mech’s Piledriver ability causes Wrecking Ball to slam down from the air and knock his enemies off their feet.

…Seriously, the dude literally turns into a wrecking ball and slams people. No Miley Cyrus jokes to be made here, that’s bad ass.

I haven’t been this excited for a small furry freak since they unveiled the Chua for the mmo Wildstar.

The twitter reveal does a pretty good job of introducing Hammond:

No gameplay video revealed as yet, however this little ball of cutey chaos is on the PTR for anyone who wants to give him a crack.

As a hilarious aside, the backlash from some people has been intensely funny – much of which declaring that this level of absurdity is ‘WRECKING THE GAME’. The truly funny part however, is that even within the Overwatch development team, people feel it might be too much. So much so, that Jeff from the Overwatch team has actually worked to schedule a meeting 6 years from now, to discuss whether the game is wrecked at that point. For the full clip, check it out from Overwatch player Seagulls stream here:

So, there is a post release strategy if Hammond wrecks the game. In the meantime, I am going to latch onto surfaces and slam jam people around.

Now you can make the Miley Cyrus jokes.

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