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The Original Diablo Has Been Unleashed Once Again

Slaughter like it’s 1996

Ready for some gory nostalgic overload?

Blizzard and the legends at GOG.COM have joined forces to re-release classic Blizzard games, beginning with Diablo, the brooding 1996 ARPG that first made us shit ourselves and learn all about the real gear grind.

Players looking for that juicy 20 FPS SVGA graphics Diablo experience can play the game as it was in 1996, this is the real nostalgia deal that also includes the ability to match make through the OG version of Blizzy and GOG.COM have made sure Diablo runs funky fresh with WIndows 10 compatibility and a host of bug fixes. Players will be able to choose either version of the game (Updated or Classic) from the launcher.

Rob Bridenbecker, Vice President and Executive Producer @ Blizzard had this to say:

We were bummed that these iconic games weren’t available to our players, so we‘re very happy to work with the crew at to rectify that, this has been a long time coming and we hope our players will be excited to jump back into these classic titles.

In addition to Diablo, Blizzard is planning other GOG.COM re-releases of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II. Details are tight lipped at the moment, but we’ll be sure to drop the goss when we hear it first.

Diablo is available now via GOG.COM for Windows PC @ $13.79 AUD. 

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