The P.T Demo Is Back, Kinda

The P.T Demo Is Back, Kinda

Ah, that glorious morning at 3am watching Sony’s press conference at Gamescom last year when they just casually announced a little horror demo was available on the PS store digitally. With tired eyes and slightly drunk, I popped my headphones on and downloaded the game for something to do.

I think I played about 20 minutes in before I had to switch my PS4 off and salvage whatever sanity I had left and try to sleep. Suffice to say I had nightmare fuel to last me the whole week.. also what the hell was in the bathroom sink anyway?

To cut a long story short, we all know the demo was a teaser for Silent Hills and it was cancelled after the epic Konami / Kojima beatdown. It’s bullshit, but what can you do? Well, not a whole lot but we can replay the P.T demo to get a sense of what could have been..

That is, unless you were a moron and deleted the original P.T demo from your PS4. . (I still own it, My PS4 is now worth fuck all millions)

Moron or not, You are in luck however as a remake of the demo (yep, remaking a demo is a thing now) has cropped up. As a dedicated fan of the series, Farhan Quareshi from Alberta, Canada, has rebuilt the demo from scratch in Unity, and he has documented the entire process over on his blog.

You can download a free version for PC, Linux & Mac.

We salute you Farhan (and your mad Unity skillz)


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