There’s A Free Version of Dead or Alive 6 Available On PS4, Xbox One and Steam

There’s A Free Version of Dead or Alive 6 Available On PS4, Xbox One and Steam

In keeping with tradition, Koei Tecmo has stealthily released a free-to-play version of its recently released Dead or Alive 6 on the PSN store, Microsoft Store and Steam.

Titled Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters (as is tradition), this edition of DOA6 is a stripped-down version featuring the basics and shitload of DLC.

The game’s listing on PSN says the following:

This is a free version which allows use of many game modes, including online matches. However, only a limited number of playable characters is available, and the Story mode will be locked. The remaining characters and the Story mode can be purchased separately as downloadable content.

Based on the PSN DLC offerings, it appears that Kasumi, Bass, Diego and Hitomi are included in the free version, while others such as the legendary Jann Lee will cost $5.95 AUD a pop. Or you can buy all 20 characters for $90.95 AUD. There’s also separate male and female fighter packs too ($52.95 AUD and $59.95 AUD each), in case you fancy one over the other.

Yours truly reviewed DOA6 earlier this month and awarded it an 8.5/10, calling it ‘one of the best fighters this generation’. So if you’re on the fence, this free version is well worth a look.

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