Two New Game Modes Are Coming To Vampyr

Two New Game Modes Are Coming To Vampyr

Vampyr publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Dontnod Entertainment has revealed that two new game modes will be coming to the action-RPG title set in 1918 London, alongside a host of optimisation fixes.

Coming this Winter, the two new modes will be a Story Mode and Hard Mode. Story Mode will ease the combat’s difficulty and will allow players to focus more on the narrative, while Hard Mode will give players a greater challenge, with less experience points earned from killing enemies in an attempt to coerce the player into feeding more on the London populous. Both modes will increase replayability for existing and new players.

We reviewed Vampyr back in June, with Kieran Stockton awarding the game a 7.5, saying:

Given that Vampyr is a little janky and rough around the edges, there will probably be a large cohort of gamers who simply pass the game over. But if you can peer behind the veil and forgive some lack of polish, you’ll find a game with an interesting story told with a bizarre style, and an action RPG with enough interesting gameplay mechanics to make it stand out. Yes, it wears its B-grade style on its sleeve, but there’s something indelibly intoxicating about Vampyr, and it’s just as deserving of cult status as Life is Strange, if not more so.

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